I had heard about this site a while back, but I visited it today when I saw it mentioned on BoingBoing. I’m talking about a National Sex Offender Registry.

At the site, you can enter an address, and watch as a map appears with different colored squares representing different types of offenders. My state isn’t participating in the registry, but they promise to have one online this summer. When we knew our niece was going to spend the summer with us, we requested and got a print out of the registered sex offenders in our zip code. While we were happy to know that there wasn’t anyone close to us, a printed piece of paper doesn’t change like a website can. And that is why I like this site.

We did some checking of family addresses, and we noticed that clicking on the red, yellow, and green squares pulled up an image and information about the perp. Some people have argued that this is an invasion of privacy, but I believe they have lost that right when they committed the crime.

Oh, and I posted a new article about the rioters in Islam.

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