OK, I’ll make a deal with you: I won’t keep writing about Islam if Muslims stop showing up in the news. Deal? Deal.

Well, in the news, Michelle Malkin links to an ABC news story about a letter sent to them by Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, explaining why he rented an SUV and drove it through the Chapel Hill campus trying to kill people. Here, in his own words, is why he did it:

“Allah gives permission in the Koran for the followers of Allah to attack those who have raged war against them, with the expectation of eternal paradise in case of martyrdom and/or living one’s life in obedience of all of Allah’s commandments found throughout the Koran’s 114 chapters…”

“The U.S. government is responsible for the deaths of and the torture of countless followers of Allah, my brothers and sisters. My attack on Americans at UNC-CH on March 3rd was in retaliation for similar attacks orchestrated by the U.S. government on my fellow followers of Allah in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic territories. I did not act out of hatred for Americans, but out of love for Allah instead.”

When I saw this, I realized that the parody song written by “Patrick Henry” about a month ago was right on the money. He wrote that his song, “It’s in the Koran,” doesn’t really reflect what is in the Koran, but it does accurately reflect what Islamofascists believe is in the Koran.

After reading Taheri-azar’s note, I have to say one thing to “Patrick Henry:” Q.E.D.

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