OK, nothing political here. I’m taking advantage of this forum to vent. I have spent my entire first week back from vacation hand-holding a company because its upper management excels in whining. My normal job functions are all on hold while I stomp out fires for them, just because some manager has unrealistic expectations of what my company’s software is designed to do.

I have had very productive working sessions with the company’s technical people who have been very good about getting issues resolved, but whenever the managerial jerk comes into the conversation, all effective work ceases and the bitch-session begins. I find it very annoying to hear the jerk verbally fondle his grievances when they were discussed and settled days ago.

Bottom line: I will never have any dealings with this company outside of work because I have absolutely no faith or confidence in their management, and it is the upper management that steers a large company like Verizon, to pull some name randomly out of a hat.

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