Our local college held a rally in favor of illegal immigration today. Not that they would actually use the phrase “illegal immigration.” That’s far too mean for these people. Instead, they used phrases like “our friends” and “undocumented immigrants.” Michelle Malkin puts the kibosh on the use of the word “undocumented.” Many of our friends the illegal immigrants have plenty of documentation, although it’s fake. She sums up her post with, “Not that the law matters anymore, but identification document fraud is a crime.” Yep. It’s a crime all right, but since these people were willing to break the law just to get here, what makes you think they would stop once they arrived?

I would welcome an uneducated, but legal immigrant over a brilliant doctor who sneaks into this country because he believes that immigration laws shouldn’t apply to him.

The choicest nugget of stupidity I heard from the kids rallying for illegal immigration came from a mental marvel who stated, “My parents were undocumented citizens…” This kid deserves to have his tuition refunded, because he clearly hasn’t yet learned that words have meaning. Or we could take his teachers to task for failing to instruct him. This kid’s parents aren’t “undocumented citizens;” they are freakin’ illegal immigrants who broke the law to get here–and who remain in this country in defiance of the law.

Is it really so hard to grasp the concept that the law applies to everyone? Apparently so, judging by the people who march for lies, injustice, and the un-American way.

A tiny handful of students at the rally didn’t concur with the mass of ignorant idjits marching for illegal immigration. One in particular was calling from the sidelines, “Didn’t you learn from kindergarten that you don’t cut in line?” He was being booed for his trouble. If you ask me, he should have pushed his way to the front and seized the microphone away from the current protestor to say his piece. He should have demanded to participate in the discussion, since he’d been there long enough. Sure, he wasn’t part of the demonstrating group, and there were people scheduled to talk before him, but he was willing to do a job that no one else there was willing to do, so why not grant him amnesty from the heckling and let him talk?

I bet that line of argument would go over like a lead balloon.

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