The first time I kissed my sweetheart and wife-to-be, she responded by saying, “Finally!” I guess she had been waiting a while for me to smooch her.

[Darn tootin' I had. --TPK]

Now that President Bush has decided to release many of the documents captured from Iraq and Afghanistan, I responded by saying, “Finally!” I’ve been waiting for the Bush administration to release the documents we have uncovered that have supported our decision to fight. Interestingly enough, Stephen Hayes of The Daily Standard titled his response to this move with the same word.

It’s about time that the U.S. declassify and release documents seized from al-Qaeda and Iraqi sources. I still maintain that we were justified in taking out Saddam Hussein because of his WMD plans, and these documents tend to suggest that Iraq did indeed have WMD. I already wrote about the tapes Saddam made that support the administration’s WMD argument. And as others have pointed out, since the world’s intelligence agencies were all in agreement about Saddam’s WMDs, it’s more likely that they were correct than that they were all wrong.

So far, the tapes suggest that they were right. And these documents will do likewise. Not that the mainstream media will choose to report such news.

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