So today is Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May, 2006, and a Mexican celebration commemorating their victory over the French in 1862. Yeah, like who hasn’t beaten the French?

I don’t begrudge Mexicans their day of pride, nor do I begrudge Americans who take part in this celebration. And it is increasingly being celebrated here in the U.S. of A. I see it as being similar to St. Patrick’s Day, when people become pseudo-Irish for one day. And why not celebrate beating the French along with our neighbors to the south?

But with the increasing push for illegal immigrant “rights,” and marches by pro-illegal immigrant stooges, and demands that non-natives get the hell off this continent, I find my desire to celebrate Mexican history somewhat diminished.

I wonder if others have decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as “A Day without Mexican Food” this year?

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