Charles of Little Green Footballs posted a link to an article explaining that many Arabs favor Iran getting nuclear weapons.

Most in the Arab world see the U.S. and European campaign against Iran as hypocritical, while Israel refuses to allow international nuclear inspections and is thought to have some 200 nuclear warheads.

“I want the whole region free of all nuclear weapons but if the West continues its double-standard approach on this issue then Iran has the right (to have them),” said Abdel-Rahman Za’za’, a 29-year-old Lebanese engineer.

“This could provide some balance against Israel and help the Palestinians in their negotiations. We have to take our rights because they are not going to be given to us,” he added.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, said this week it saw no harm in Iran developing nuclear arms.

“That would create a kind of equilibrium between the two sides — the Arab and Islamic side on one side and Israel on the other,” said deputy Brotherhood leader Mohamed Habib.

I bolded two bits in the article above, but the both basically restate the same theme: Iran, and by extension all of Islam, needs to have nuclear weapons to balance Israel and its nuclear weapons. And if the two sides were equal, I could understand their desire. But they are not equal in population or in land. Here is a map I used in my post about “Losing Zion” that shows how very unbalanced Israel is when compared to the Arabic states.

A speck of blue in a sea of green

There is one other way that Israel is unbalanced in respect to the Arabic states surrounding it:

Israel has the lion’s share of freedom. And no amount of Arabic nukes will give the Arab people freedom.

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