Bill Whittle of EjectEjectEject posted a very mature response to the Democrat victories this election year. Here are a few paragraphs of his post to whet your appetite before you go read the whole thing.

Remember one thing before you go. The most important election we are ever likely to see in our lives was not this evening’s election. Bush’s re-election in 2004 was the one we HAD to have, and we got it. Be grateful for that, acknowledge that this loss is no one’s fault but our own, congratulate the Democrats on their impressive wins and start figuring out how we can make sure this never EVER happens again. =)

I wish to tell my friends to be cheerful and especially to be of good will. Disappointments come and go, but moments of courage and integrity in dark hours will be there when the stars grow cold. We have lost the election, so let us maintain our determination, our dignity and our sense of humor, and let us take this moment to reflect upon how our actions have fallen short of our ideals. And then, finally, let’s act like the Americans we are, roll up our sleeves and start rebuilding. We who have survived Civil War, the Nazis and the Communists can probably manage to find a way to preserve the Republic in the face of Speaker Pelosi.

America is not only much, much stronger than you imagine; it is stronger than you CAN imagine.

If you are still feeling depressed, check out some of his longer essays. I would recommend Power as a great place to start off, but all his essays are well worth reading. Just don’t get scared at their length. These are not McNuggets of information, but a multi-course meal. As he suggests, get a cup of your favorite beverage and take some time to appreciate them. Before you look at the scroll bar and despair, realize that much of the page’s length comes from extended reader comments.

And others are optimistic. Brian Maloney has declared a no-sulking zone on his site, and he lists reasons why he is not crying in his beer over the election. Bryan Preston is looking at some silver linings from this election. Judging by the responses, some people share his optimism, while others are crying over the loss.

I’m optimistic, but that’s my normal nature. When I talked about the election with my wife, she mentioned that if we lived through eight years of President Clinton, we can certainly make it through these next two years. One thing is for certain — conservative talk show hosts will have plenty of grist for the mill, at least until the Dems resurrect the Fairness Doctrine.

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