My wife calls it a sign of the apocalypse, but at long last, Bill Whittle of Eject! Eject! Eject! has posted something! Bill charts the course of a new book he is working on, and he begins with a great simile for our current situation: looking at maps. Here is a part where he explains part of the problem with the current political debate.

There was a time, an age ago, where the differences between what we call the Left and the Right seemed more or less academic; maybe the distance from one high-rise tower to its twin – close enough to see the coffee mugs and family photos on the other side’s desk.

Then something happened.

Now we peer across a divide so wide that we can no longer see the other side; where the residents of the opposing camps as not viewed as having a difference of opinion so much as being considered insane.

Two worldviews this opposed cannot both be right (although they could both be wrong). I was about to write that one of them must be closer to the truth, but I stopped myself, for often people will define truth as conforming to their ideology, rather than the reverse. But surely one of these positions, must conform better to reality, to the evidence, for anyone with an open mind to see?

Which one? And how do we tell?

Read the whole thing.

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