Well, the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 1701 calling for a ceasefire between Israel and the terrorist thugs of Hezbollah. Cue the news media’s orgasmic paroxysms of joy. Peace! Finally, we have peace for our time! Release the white doves and put flowers in the rifle barrels. Peace! We finally have peace!

Yeah, right.

The problem is that Lebanon’s army can’t force Hezbollah to disarm. Here is the news as reported in The Australian News site:

IT was supposed to be the day the maligned Lebanese army took control of the country’s borders and policed the UN ceasefire.

Instead, the military commanders were left humiliated and troops stranded as Hezbollah told them not to disarm its fighters.

The first infantry units were preparing to head south when Hezbollah showed who controls the area by announcing it would not surrender its weapons.

General Michel Sleiman, commander-in-chief of the Lebanese army, and his lieutenants had been invited to join cabinet meetings to finalise plans to deploy the 15,000-strong force south of the Litani River.

But they were lectured by Hezbollah’s two ministers in the coalition Government on what the army could and could not do.

What a surprise! Hezbollah appears to have its own agenda and doesn’t want to kowtow to the Lebanese government. This is something that Orson Scott Card wrote about back on July 16, 2006, before Israel launched its land campain:

If Israel sends its troops into southern Lebanon, you can be sure that it will be condemned as a violation of “Lebanese sovereignty.”

What Lebanese sovereignty?

Either the Lebanese government controls southern Lebanon or it doesn’t.

If it is sovereign Lebanese territory, then Lebanon as an entirety is responsible for the terror missile attacks launched against Israeli civilians by the Hezbollah forces that openly rule there. Therefore, Lebanon has committed acts of war against Israel, and Israel is perfectly justified in any military action it takes against the entirety of Lebanon.

But if the Lebanese government declares that it is not responsible for missiles launched from that region of their nominal territory, then by that admission they confess that it is hot territory for which the Lebanese government claims responsibility. In which case, Hezbollah is the ruler of that territory (which it is), and Israel, regardless of lines on a map, has a right to invade Hezbollah territory and destroy the capacity of that enemy to make war against them.

It appears that the Lebanese government doesn’t control southern Lebanon after all. Are you really surprised?

UPDATE (8/14/2006 4:39:48 PM): Looks like the dynamic duo of Cox and Forkum have identified this same problem:


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