I’d say I’ve enlisted in the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, but I’m a Captain, dangit, so you will respect my authoritah! The 101st Fighting KeeBees are comprised of bloggers who are using their keyboards to fight in the war against terrorism. This group is the brainchild of Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters, Frank J of IMAO, and Derek Brigham of Freedom Dogs. Derek did a bang-up job of designing the logo for the outfit, which incorporates a stylized chicken hawk. Frank J put together a great FAQ about the 101st and chicken hawks in general.

To your left, you will see the logo of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and a blogroll of its current members. I should be showing up as soon as the list is updated. The blogs marked “Deployed!” have been recently updated, so go read them.

The next time someone calls me a chicken hawk, I will hold my head up proudly and say, “Why yes, I am a proud member of the 101st Fighting KeeBees.”

101st Fighting Keyboardists

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