So the parents dropped by (Hi, Mom & Dad!), and we decided to make a trip to see something we had not seen before. After much driving, we arrived at a picturesque site.

View over Crater Lake from the west looking NNE.

That’s a shot from the western lip of Crater Lake in Oregon. Yes, the water really is that blue, if not more so. The temperature was a nice brisk 41 degrees. It’s hard to tell, but the water is about 2,000 feet below. Most of the crater walls are pretty steep.

Wizard Island in Crater Lake

Above is a shot of Wizard Island, located on the west side of Crater Lake. The island is a volcanic cone from an eruption that occurred after the collapse that created the lake. This was taken from the same vantage point as above, looking southeast.

Later shot from SE looking NW.

Later that day, after driving halfway around the lake, I took this shot from the opposite side looking northwest. This location is closer to the water.

So nothing political today. Just a simple statement of “don’t you wish you were here?”

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