Millions of people are suffering in Asia, so I’ll be brief.

Captain Ed over at the Captain’s Quarters blog has come up with a great idea — dedicate your entire earnings from this upcoming January 12 to helping those people who have been devastated by the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Southeast Asia. Sure, I could use this money for myself and my family, but it would just go to buy us some more stuff. Giving this money to aid people in desperate need is a better, and far nobler, use of my money.

Captain Ed is urging his readers to contribute to World Vision, and many people have done just that. Here is how I choose to participate: I have written out a check for the cash equivalent of a day’s earnings to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Humanitarian Services. World Vision is a great organization, but as a man with limited means, I want to make sure my donation will make as much of a difference as possible. I am giving my day’s wages to the LDS Church’s Humanitarian Services because I know 100% of the money donated will go directly to those in need.

I also intend to make full use of the matching charitable donation program at my company. I will bring my check in on Tuesday, and my company will match my donation dollar for dollar. If your company has a similar donation matching program in place, I urge you to participate to maximize the money sent to those in need.

Let me add my small voice to the clarion call issued by Captain Ed: Give. And give generously.

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