There are some things in life that are worth fighting for. In some cases, this means doing the fighting yourself, but in others, it involves calling in someone with a gun to do the fighting on your behalf.

If someone tells you that he wants to kill you and your family, picks up a large knife, and starts marching toward your spouse and kids, would you be willing to shoot that person if you found a loaded gun in your hand? If you are unwilling to protect your family personally, would you summon some armed police officers to stop that madman before he slaughters your family? I certainly hoped you answered yes to at least one of those questions, because this means that you agree with me that life is worth fighting for. And it doesn’t have to be your own life, or the life of your family. I would be willing to fight and cause others to fight to save the lives of strangers if I saw them being attacked on the street. Most people would. Life is just that important.

Would you do the same if a criminal threatened to kidnap you or your family? Let’s say in this case that your lives are not at risk, but your liberty certainly is. Would you be willing to defend yourself and your family from such criminals, or summon armed police if you are unable or unwilling? If yes, would you also be willing to do the same for some faceless nobody on the street that you see being forcibly tossed into a car? Most people would. Liberty is just that important.

What would you do if you saw a known arsonist march into your empty home with a box of matches and a can of kerosene? Would you stop him or summon armed police to stop him? Sure you would. Since the house is empty, you know he won’t harm you or anyone else in your house, and he’s not taking away your liberty, but he is certainly threatening your property, and that is worth defending. Now what would you do if this guy were marching into a stranger’s home? Would you stop him yourself or call the police? Most people would. Property is just that important.

Life, liberty and property are cornerstones of our society. Take away any of these, and we lose God-given freedoms. Each one is worth defending from all those who would attack them and take them away. If we are unwilling or unable to defend them personally, we certainly will call upon our armed police officers to defend them for us. And if life, liberty and property is threatened by armed thugs or enemy states, then we have every justification to call upon our armed forces to do the protecting. And this applies whether we are being threatened, or others are being threatened.

Case in point: the people of Iraq now have the God-given freedoms denied them for decades. With the closing of the torture chambers and the freeing of the innocent, we see the justification for the military action taken.

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